Fitting & Maintenance

Fitting Information for B1-1
These cladding boards are pre-cut for used with the Thermory® B1-1 invisible fixing. These are simply screwed into your sub-structure and are engineered to slot into tongues at the top and bottom of the cladding board and automatically allow 4mm spacing. If fitted vertically, the boards should be further secured via an all weather adhesive or a metal stop. Alternatively, boards can be faced screwed and fitted in the traditional fashion.

Fitting Information for Pac-System®
These boards are supplied with the Thermory® C7J profile, so are pre-grooved on the reverse for use with their innovative and time saving Pac-System® CLAD sub-construction. This is supplied on battens featuring pre-fastened clips that the cladding simply clips into. Alternatively, this cladding can be fitted in the traditional fashion.

Like all natural timber, Thermory® will begin to gently weather down once installed. This will include an attractive silvering/greying and the development of small, surface hairline cracks. Whilst many prefer to allow this appearance to develop, it can be checked through the regular application of Thermory® Thermo-wood oil. The boards can be sanded back at any time to restore the original tones.

Joe Lloyd