Thermory® Ash Cladding

C4J 26x52mm Thermory Ash.jpg

C4J 26x52mm

Board Length Mtrs £ per LM £ per board £ per m2
1.5 £4.39 £6.58 £77.02
3.0 £4.39 £13.17 £77.02
3.3 £5.10 £16.83 £89.47
3.6 £5.10 £18.36 £89.47

*Prices shown are ex VAT

Fitting System

Thermory®Plastic Clip

Thermory® Sub Structure makes it incredibly easy to fit Thermory® cladding boards. These battens feature pre-installed hidden fastening that simply clip into the pre-machined grooves on the reverse of suitable boards. Battens are simply secured in the traditional fashion. If cladding is to be run vertically, all weather adhesive and/or metal stops should be used.

Product Information

Thermory® Sub Structure/Battens

Fit cladding without unsightly face screws

Battens already feature hidden fastening clips

Thermo-treated for longevity

Cut from pine

Supplied in 2m lengths

26x68mm section

Four types: CLAD 52/65/72/150