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Thermory® Ash Collection

Thermory® only use high quality ash (both heartwood and sapwood) for their flooring boards, harvested from well-managed forests in North-America where good growing conditions and strict drying standards are maintained. This range has been subjected to their ‘intense’ thermo-treatment’, which heats and steams materials up to a maximum temperature of 215°C, ensuring maximum stability and a dark, rich colour throughout the timber. This chemical free process also ensures a low moisture content, removes resin, reduces splitting strength and improves durability against decay. The end result is the transformation of responsibly sourced ash into an extremely durable flooring board.

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Thermory® Ash flooring is available in several profiles. They are available in lengths, ranging from 250mm - 3000mm & thickness of of: 9, 14, 15 & 18mm 

Tango has been through an intense process which produces a deep rich colour. Salsa has undergone a medium process and is lighter in appearance.

F1 15x90mm Salsa

F1 15x90mm Salsa

F3 15x130/150mm Salsa

F3 15x130/150mm Salsa

F1 15x90mm Tango

F1 15x90mm Tango

F3 15x130mm Tango  (usually in stock)

F3 15x130mm Tango (usually in stock)

F6 18x245mm 3-layer flooring

F6 18x245mm 3-layer flooring

F2 21 & 18x150/190mm Tango/Salsa  (190mm usually in stock)

F2 21 & 18x150/190mm Tango/Salsa
(190mm usually in stock)




Salsa Oiled

Salsa Opaque Lacquer

Tango Oiled

Tango Opaque Lacquer

We keep in stock a selection of profiles & sizes.

Please get in touch  to check our current stock & to place an order.

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